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SHARP Refrigerator 600L SJ-FS79V-BK/SL

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Smart Double French Refrigerators are designed to enhance your kitchen’s interior with its stylish crafted sleek doors. Its “frameless” looks allow it to blend in beautifully with its surroundings, creating a sophisticated look and feel in your entire home. With the shimmering glass exterior finish for the top-end Supreme model, Smart Double French Refrigerators surely complements your lifestyle and makes an elegant addition to your kitchen


  • Plasmacluster Ion System 
    Plasmacluster technology employs positive and negative ions to remove harmful airborne substances (mold spores and bacteria), ensuring the inside of the refrigerator remains sanitized and free of unwanted odours.
  • Hybrid Cooling System 
    A cooling fan on top of the unit and an aluminum panel at the rear work in tandem to manage air flow evenly and prevent drying of food due to direct cooling.
  • Ag+ Nano Deodorizer
    Filter with tiny Ag+ deodorizing molecules traps odour molecules carried by the air inside the refrigerator to reduce odours and keep the food fresh.
  • Glass Touch-Control Panel
    A fingertip-operated touch panel provides easy access to the control mode icons such as Plasmacluster function, energy saving, ice making, auto ice tray cleaning, express freezing, child lock, vacation mode, temperature-rise indicator and temperature controls.
  • Automatic Ice-Making System (Clear normal/Clear large/Normal/Large) 
    Makes four different styles of ice: Clear normal, Clear large, Normal and Large.
  • Full-Rear Lighting 
    48* energy-efficient white LEDs produce a beautiful bright glow, making it easier than ever to find the item you’re looking for.
  • Automatic System Cleaning
  • Energy-Saving Mode
  • Child Lock
  • Door Alarm
  • Vacation Mode
  • Expressing Freezing
  • Model Name SJ-FS79V-BK/SL
    Net Capacity (L) Total 600
    Refrigerator Compartment 393
    Freezer Compartment 207
    Dimension (W x H x D) (mm) 890 x 1830 x 770
    Plasmacluster Ion Sytem Yes
    Hybrid Cooling System Yes
    Ag+ Nano Deodorizer Yes
    Automatic Ice-Making System Yes
    Energy Class 1
    Control Modes Automatic Ice Making (Normal/Large) Yes
    Crystal Clear Large Yes
    Automatic Cleaning System Yes
    Energy-Saving Mode Yes
    Temperature Control Yes
    Child Lock Yes
    Door Alarm (7 seg)
    Vacation Mode Yes
    Express Freezing Function Yes
    Ice-Making Process Indicator Yes
    Auto Ice Tray Cleaning Yes
    Empty Water Tank Indicator Yes
    Refrigerator Eco Sign (Blue-Orange LED)
    Full-Rear LED Lighting (White LEDs) 48
    Top Pocket (Utility Pocket) 1
    Door Pocket 3
    Egg Pocket 1
    Egg Tray 1
    Bottle Pocket 1
    Fruit Case 1
    Vegatable Case with Lid 1
    Fresh Case 1
    Refrigerator Shelf 2
    Vegatable Shelf 2
    Ag+ Coated Water Tank Yes
    Freezer Ice Storage Box 1 (Large)
    Twist and Ice Serve -
    Freezer Case (Small) 3
    Freezer Case (Large) 2
    Door Handle Crystal
    Handle Indicator Yes
    Colour Glass Silver/ Glass Black