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SHARP Front Load Washer ES-FL72MS

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  • Water Efficiency ✓✓✓
  • Energy Efficiency A+
  • Eco-Logic System
    When you load half or lesser laundry capacity, the machine will automatically reduce energy consumption by up to 50% energy consumption. Water consumption and programme duration will be dramatically lowered.
  • Unbalance Control
    This helps to redistribute the load inside the drum and adjusts spin speed to achieve optimum spinning efficiency.
  • Overflow Protection
    In case of overflowing when there is a problem with the water supply, the drain pump is automatically switched on.
  • Wide Opening Door
Model ES-FL72MS
Spin Speed (rpm) 800
Max Dry Load Capacity (kg) 7
Door Diameter (mm) 440
Drum Material Stainless Steel
Eco-Logic System Yes
Foam Protection Yes
Unbalance Control System Yes
Overflow Protection Yes
Easy Ironing Yes
Child Lock Yes
No. of Programs 23
No. of Compartments in Dispenser 3
Voltage (V) 220 - 240
Power Consumption (kWh/cycle) 0.47 / Mix Wash 40ºC
Water Consumption (L/cycle) 49
Dimension Size (H x W x D) (mm) 850 x 596 x 540
Energy Efficiency Rating A+
Water Efficiency ✓✓✓
Net Weight (kg) 68.5
Color White