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SHARP Refrigerator SJ-MC54P

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  • Plasmacluster Ion System
    C-pro series are equipped with Sharp’s Plasmacluster Ion Technology, it suppresses 99.97% of bacteria, viruses, moulds and removes unpleasant odours in the refrigerators.
  • Plasmacluster Fresh Room
    Plasmacluster nozzle exists in the fresh room. Plasmacluster ions spreading throughout the fresh room are effective against bacteria on food.
  • Hybrid Cooling System
    A unique aluminium panel is built into the back of the refrigerators to distribute chilled air evenly throughout the compartments, keeping cooling temperature consistent at every level and corner.
  • Ag+ Nano Deodorizer
    Sharp’s in-built Nano Deodorizer contains nano-sized molecules, designed to trap the larger odour molecules to eliminate unpleasant smell as well as maintain the integrity of food smells.
  • LED Lighting
    Tastefully illuminated with highly sophisticated LED lighting which truly define both interior and exterior of the refrigerator.
  • Door Alarm
    The Door Alarm will sound to alert user when the refrigerator or freezer door is left open more than 1 minute.
  • Model SJ-MC54P-BK
    Gross Capacity (Litre) 585
    Net Capacity (Litre) Total 541
    Freezer 150
    Refrigerator 391
    Dimension (mm) Width 800
    Height 1750
    Depth 720
    Plasmacluster Ion Yes
    Plasmacluster Room (PCI Room) Yes
    Hybrid Cooling System Yes
    Ag+ Nano Deodorizer Yes
    Nano Deodorizer No
    Door Alarm Yes
    Handle Cylinder
    Freezer Door Pocket Pizza Pocket (Plastic) Yes
    Regular Pocket (Plastic) Yes
    Shelves Full Size (Plastic) Yes
    Ice Tray 1 (Double Row)
    Ice Cube Box 1
    Lighting LED Yes
    Refrigerator Fresh Case Yes
    Egg Tray Yes
    Door Pocket Top Pocket (Plastic) 1
    Short Pocket (Plastic) 2
    Full Size Pocket (Plastic) 1
    Bottle Pocket (Plastic) 1
    Tube/Bottle Stopper Yes
    Shelves Full Size (Glass) 2
    Vegetable (Glass) 1
    Vegetable & Fruit Case 2
    Lighting LED Yes
    Energy Class 2 Ticks
    Annual Energy Consumption (kWh) 569
    Door Colour Metal-Black