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SHARP Front Load Washer ES-VD900

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  • Water Efficiency ✓✓✓
  • Energy Efficiency A+
  • Eco-Logic System
    When you load half or lesser laundry capacity, the machine will automatically reduce energy consumption by up to 50% energy consumption. Water consumption and programme duration will be dramatically lowered.
  • Load Sensing
    With the in-built load sensor, the machine will recommend the most suitable washing course based on the weight of your laundry.
  • Detergent Sensing
    Your machine will recommend the amount of detergent to be used based on the weight of your laundry. So you don’t waste any detergent.
  • Unbalance Control
    This helps to redistribute the load inside the drum and adjusts spin speed to achieve optimum spinning efficiency.
  • Overflow Protection
    In case of overflowing when there is a problem with the water supply, the drain pump is automatically switched on.
  • Drum Cleaning Function
    Keep your drum free from bacteria with just some detergent.
  • Super Rapid 12 min wash
    Complete a full washing cycle in just 12 minutes (up to 2 kg dry load).
  • LCD Display
  • Wide Opening Door
  • Model ES-VD900
    Spin Speed (rpm) 1400
    Max Load Capacity (kg) - Washing 9
    Max Load Capacity (kg) - Drying 6
    Door Diameter (mm) 470
    Drum Material Stainless Steel
    LCD Display Yes
    Eco-Logic System Yes
    Foam Protection Yes
    Unbalance Control System Yes
    Overflow Protection Yes
    Easy Ironing Yes
    Temperature Selector Yes
    Spin Speed Selector Yes
    Delay Timer Selection Yes
    Washing Cycle Indicator Yes
    Error Indicator Yes
    Child Lock Yes
    No. of Programs 15
    No. of Compartments in Dispenser 3
    Voltage (V) 220 - 240
    Power Consumption (kWh/cycle) 0.89 / Cotton Eco
    Water Consumption (L/cycle) 49
    Dimension Size (H x W x D) (mm) 845 x 596 x 541
    Energy Efficiency Rating A+
    Water Efficiency ✓✓✓
    Net Weight (kg) 68.5
    Color White